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Welcome to GetSlotMachine.com. We have a Genuine Casino Slot Machine for Sale which you can purchase for your home use!   We have the same slot machine for sale that adorns casinos around the world, at an affordable price.  Now you can bring a piece of the excitement to your game room or den or far less than you would expect.  Browse through our products page to find the perfect home slot machine for you and your family to enjoy.  It would make the perfect gift for that someone special...

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Why pay over five times the amount for a Las Vegas or Atlantic City used slot machine when you can purchase one of these Japanese International Casino used slot machines for far less?  

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These are just a few examples from our used slot machine product lines.  Click on our buttons along the left column to see full page descriptions of our various Slot Machines for sale and other casino products. 

Why pay over five times the amount for a Las Vegas or Atlantic City used slot machine when you can purchase one of these Japanese International Casino used slot machines for far less?

Are you tired of buying used items and ending up with someone else's problems?  Rest assured, these were fully functional slot machines, which were put through our rigorous testing and restoration process to return them to showroom quality. To ease your mind, each slot machine for sale includes:

  • The included owner's manual should answer all of your operations questions.  If you still cannot find your answer, we offer...
  • FREE unlimited technical support by phone
  • 3 Month Warranty
  • Uses U.S. standard household current and require no additional installation
  • Keep unwanted access to your internal settings safe with your personal access key 
  • Everyone can be a winner when you change the odds in their favor.  Set the machine in progressive stages to make skill a factor in their winning odds.
These factory reconditioned units have been meticulously enhanced back to showroom specifications.  Select our "FAQ" tab to read about the complete reconditioning process or for answers to other Frequently Asked Questions you might have about a slot machine for sale.  We also offer additional slot machine tokens and a slot machine stand, for your added enjoyment.

Have you ever experienced the sheer excitement of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or a Cruise Ship casino?  Have you witnessed the unparalleled excitement of someone hitting the Jackpot?  The flashing lights, loud shrills and relentless clang of coin after coin falling into the winner’s bin!  Have you wondered where you can find a slot machine for sale?  Why pay five times the cost for a used slot machine from Las Vegas when you can buy an international used slot machine for far less with the same functionality?  Now you can bring a piece of the excitement to your game room or den without "breaking the bank".  View our products page to find the used slot machine you've been looking for. 

Pull the kids away from the TV and video games and watch the hours of full family entertainment tick away.  Be the envy of your friends!

Our typical Skill Stop Slot Machine for sale features:

  • 110 volt machine that plugs right into your wall with no additional installation requirements.
  • Factory reconditioned to showroom specifications.
  • A 3 month warranty which covers everything but the light bulbs.
  • A key for internal access to your machine.
  • Switches for reset and changing the winning odds.
  • Easy to locate labels for the reset switch, power, and volume controls.
  • Operating manual and unlimited technical support by phone.
  • Most of the newer machines are 3 coin max bet only.
  • Accepts tokens only, for legal reasons, and cannot be readily changed to accept coins.
  • Full lights and sounds just like you've enjoyed in the casinos for years!
  • Animated displays (some also have LCD video screens and games depending on the title).
  • Approx. 3'H x 2'W x 2'D
  • Approx. 90 lbs.
  • Toll free customer support to answer any and all of your questions,  including information about a slot machine for sale.            

These machines are Genuine Pachislo slot machines.  What is a Pachislo slot machine?  Pachislos are authentic Japanese slot machines used in international casinos.  In Japan, casinos can only use the machines for 2 years before making the slot machine for sale by pulling them from the floor, regardless of their condition.  Even though they are allowed up to 2 years of use, this is not always the case.  The casinos will periodically pull them and offer the slot machine for sale to replace them with newer titles.  Consequently, some machines are practically brand new when you receive them.  Pachislos have a fantastic reputation of being high quality, backlit machines, with brilliant flashing lights, electronic sounds and feature skill stop reels, which is why they are also called Skill Stop Machines.  You control when each reel stops, putting skill into the game.  We even offer a slot machine for sale which has an interactive LCD video screen for more exciting play.

Order a used slot machine today with FREE Shipping and let the fun begin!

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